The LCTG is platform for local businesses to join forces and work together to up-skill our employees enabling us to thrive and grow as business’ overall providing better opportunities across the county and in our local communities. Together we hold a lot of power.

As a training group we intend to work with local businesses to up-skill and improve the overall delivery of construction activities and fundamentally assist our group members with the growth and success of their businesses. Our underlying core values are to work closely with our members in order for us to gain essential funding that we can then offer significantly discounted training and support. Our own experiences within the board allow us to understand the challenges that our members face, therefore we are sympathetic to your needs and can design our offering to suit members across  the group.

We are a non-profit organisation simply driven by a group of individuals also striving to improve overall performance and bridge the skills gap we face in all aspects of construction.

We are passionate and focussed on growth and sustainability in an uncertain marketplace, our mission is to raise the profile of all our local members so together we can enjoy the rewards of a happy and motivated workforce.


Our Team

John Merison

John Merison


For the 44 years I have been trained as a City & Guilds Carpenter & Joiner, I have continued to learn and develop myself into the Managing Director I am today.  I have invested in training young and older people alike which helps those individuals to develop but also delivers quality work for our clients and an outstanding job for our customers at large which in turn keeps us very busy.

For last 33 years I have seen lots of changes, especially in apprenticeships where there has been a huge decline.  I believe this is down to the statistics of the East Midlands, where 89% of businesses employ 9 people or less and 98% employ 20 or less people.  Far too often, the big builders don’t want to train young people and they tend to employ subcontractors who don’t have the time or the inclination to train either.

I know from experience that groups can come together to learn and develop from each other and our newly formed Group will attract funding to enable members to develop their people and encourage others to do the same.  We will engage with trainers as well as local & national governments to improve the building trade in Leicestershire.

Miriam Glanville

Miriam Glanville

Company Secretary

A founding member, I work for Danaher & Walsh as a HR Advisor/ Training Co-ordinator.

I’m  passionate about training and promoting the Industry which I have worked in for over 10 years, having previously worked for Galliford Try.